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You are requested to submit you support queries by email


If the Installation did not create an Icon for the Online Documentation

This happens quite often, make sure you click "OK" when prompted "Fix program group found Recreate Y/N". If this still does not work add the icon manually by adding the following shortcut to you program group

WINHELP.EXE \FIX32\NLS\xxxDOC.HLP -idrv_welcome

where xxx is the driver acronym, you can also start it from explorer mt double clicking on \FIX32\NLS\xxxDOC.HLP


Please add the following Info to you support queries

1/ The name & site of the company where the driver is installed

2/ The number of SCADA nodes on the site using the driver

3/ The name of the Company who sold the driver to you

4/ The version of the driver you are using (look in SCU|Drivers)



Extra Contacts

Name   Email   Work Telephone   FAX
Jon Pio     +27 82 4596208   +27 12 3482151


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