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Demo Driver Downloads

To Install the Drivers please follow these steps

1/ to install "unzip" the file onto a diskette

2/ Then run the FIX install CD & select custom install

3/ Deselect all except "IO Drivers", if you have already installed FIX

4/ When prompted with the list of drivers on the CD, Select "Other"

5/ insert the driver diskette when prompted.

All the drivers Install with a Test & demo setup where the nodename & all files start with the Driver accronym

Mfr Driver Description Platform Latest ver.
ProScada Alarm2SMS Fix Alarms to CellPhone Alarm Router NT, 95 V 1.00
ABB A31 ABB Procontic CS31 NT, 95 V 6.02
ABB ASE ABB Excom For Masterpiece 2xx & Advant Controller 4xx NT, 95 V 6.00
ABB SPA ABB SPACOM for SPA Series Protection Equipment NT, 95 V6.04
ABB RP5 ABB Spider RP570 RP571 Telemetry & Serial Event Recording NT, 95 V6.08
ABB AKF ABB K-Flow NT, 95 V6.00
SIEMENS SIX Siemens Industrial Ethernet for S5, S7 & Simatic TI NT4/2000/XP V6.9.46
SIEMENS SIS Siemens Serial MPI 9x,NT,2000,XP V6.7.02
MIQ Mitsubishi Q & A Series 9x,NT,2000,XP 6.9.20
CTI TIE Siemens TI 5x5 via CTI CP2572 Card NT, 95 V6.09
Festo FCI Festo command Interface NT, 95 V6.00
Klockner Moeller KM4 Klöckner MOELLER Sucoma A for PS4xx & PS3xx NT, 95 V6.02
Motorola CIU Motorola Intrac 2000 CIU Telemetry NT, 95 V6.01
York International YRK York Miac ISN Chiller controller NT, 95 V6.00
Conlog / OmniFlex CNN Conlog Conet network NT only V6.04
Toshiba TBA Toshiba EX & T Series NT / 95 V6.03
Think & Do TND Think & Do Softlogic interface NT V6.00
 - Generic -  I87  IEC 870-5-101 & 103  NT/ 95 V7.04

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