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RP570 Driver Fact Sheet

Performance Note

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Configuring the Event Logging features


Driver Name: ABB Spider RP570 & 571 Serial Event Recording
Driver Code: RP5
Device Mfr: ABB
Last Update: 24/06/2009 07:01:19 PM


Platform Version Type Media Available Inventory ID
ALL 7.10.25 COMM Disk JUNE 2009  
ALL 6.7.18 COMM Disk 02/02/2004  
WinNT 6.06 COMM Disk 16/04/98   


Device Supported:
Mfr Device Comments
ABB RTU 200, RTU 210, RTU211 Microsol Excel Any device supporting RP570 or RP571 Slave protocol


Interface Supported:
Interface Comments
Standard Serial Ports  bus port of RTU not programming port


Command Supported:
Device Command Description Direction Uses
All SCI Initialisation to RTU at startup
  RB Poll for data to RTU  
  TSI Time Synchronisation to RTU RTU synchronised to PC time (1 ms resolution + adjustable offset for comms delay)
  SPM Analog Output to RTU Also for virtual IO
  GOM Digital outputs to RTU Setup GOMS for 1 or GOM8 for 8 outputs
  IXC Execute command to RTU Used when outputs configured for CO1 (onestep commands only)
  IDS,IDM Digital inputs to SCADA  
  TSTA,TEV RTU Status & terminal events to SCADA TEV's just reports to alarm history
  ERMI Time stamped event to SCADA logged to disk/ODBC
  PCT, PCM Pulse Counters to SCADA Both the analog 32 bit count & the counter status bits are available.
  AVS,AVM Analog inputs to SCADA  
  RX Manual Update of data to RTU operator can manually ask RTU for an update on a point
  CBXC, EXC, IHC,CBR Check back before execute to RTU Two step commands (CO2's)
  DVM, DVL Digital values to SCADA 16 & 32 bit digital values


Protocols Supported:

note** Each serial port may use a different protocol.

Type Protocol Comments
Multi Drop  RP570 Master baud rates from 300 to 115200
Multi Drop  RP571 Master baud rates from 300 to 115200, this protocol allows routing to subordinate networks, which may be used by a national control centre for example.
Multi Drop RP570 Slave You configure blocks of memmory, & if you have set the protocol to "Slave" the driver waits until the OTHER master polls and it then answers the polls with the contents of these memmory blocks. It is the responsibility of this SCADA to Write the correct data to these addresses.


1/	All messages not mentioned here, most of these are 
RTU configuration messages like FTAB & FCOM.
If you require more fuctionality Please contact us

Pricing(Per SCADA Node)

RP5 Drivers diskette with online documentation   USD $ 1200
Shipping   USD $     80


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